Top tips to select the right tyres for your cars

The very first development of tyres was actually consisted of bands of iron placed on the wooden wheels of wagons and bull-carts. Things drastically began to change since the invention of rubbers and around mid-1800s, tyres made of rubber first appeared. Those tyres had simple designs, and they were able to carry the load entirely. Tyres then went through several changes and modification in design and mechanism and arrived to their latest versions, which are available across the world today. Tyres are among the most important components of a vehicle and thus, they must be chosen with care to avoid accidents. When you are willing to get a new set of car Tyres in Brisbane, you must speak with the experts or follow a few tips that would help you to choose the ideal tyres and save your family from any kind of imminent dangers.

Opt for tyres with proper grooves

Tyres are designed in such a way so that they can grip the road and thus a tyre with a prominent tyre-tread is a necessity during wet conditions. The tread grooves of the tyre are required to squeeze out a vast amount of water while it is raining. If you are driving at 60 mph with the water depth of 3 mm on the road, your tyres shall have to clear over 2 gallons of water each second. If the tyre is not able to do this, then a sheet of water will be formed between the road and tyre, which would cause it to lose contact with the road and may give way to accidents. Thus, you must select tyres with a tread depth of minimum 1.6 mm in a consistent band along the centre.

 Get the proper size of tyres

You must select the tyres in Brisbane that are suitable for your car and the way you drive. If you have never shopped for a tyre, it is advisable to check the car maker’s manual or consult an expert. Most reputed tyre makers advise to place the tyres with the best grip at the rear end of the vehicle. The number of treads is directly proportional to the amount of grip which implies that the tyres with the highest number of treads can ensure maximum safety.

Keep an eye on the tyre pressure

It is natural for the tyres to lose air pressure over time, and thus it’s important to keep an eye on the pressure every month. With the accurate tyre pressure, you can be rest assured that you have improved safety and optimum fuel consumption. You can have a look at the right pressure level at the manual or let an expert help you. Also, it is important to check the pressure of the space saver or spare wheel.

Replace tyres when needed

When your car tyres have come into contact with a large, solid object, and you have detected an uneven wear on your tyres, it is recommended to consult an expert and change the tyres, in case they are severely worn-out. While you are getting your new tyres in Brisbane, it is advised not to select them on the basis of your budget only because safety of your family comes first, and so you should select the tyres that were originally fitted to your car.

With these few tips, you can get the tyres your car needs and make sure that you, and your family are safe.