Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Courier Before Sending A Package

So, you have a parcel that you need to send somewhere, and have decided a courier company such as Bonds Transport Group Melbourne Couriers is the right pick. Now, before you can proceed to hand over your cherished parcel to the courier, you need to evaluate if they are the best-placed company to transport your package and to find out if there are any regulations that you ought to know about. So how do you find out all this? Simple, ask them about the following issues first.

What’s the maximum parcel weight and size allowed?

Unlike cargo companies that will transport any package size, couriers restrict their packages to small portable sizes. So before you even decide to settle for a courier company, you should first find out what their limit is as far as parcel weight and size is concerned. Different courier companies may have slightly different rules but it all boils down to luggage-size packages at the most. Once you have obtained this information, now you can decide if you’ll be able to send the package via a courier and which company to use for the job.

What service packages do they offer?

Courier packages are not all transported in the same way. Just like in cargo freight services, there are different service packages on offer at any given time. For the most part, most courier services will present you with three types of packages – standard, urgent and next day. Standard packages are delivered at any time during the day, urgent packages are dispatched immediately, while next day parcels are delivered on the next day after drop-off. By asking about the different packages available, you can then determine which one is best for your consignment depending on your needs.

Are there any restricted items?

For safety and legal reasons, courier companies such as Bonds Transport Group Melbourne couriers often have a number of restricted goods. These are goods that you are not permitted to send whatsoever. They include firearms, valuables, artwork, delicate items, explosives or dangerous goods. To be on the safe side, ask about these restricted categories just to make sure your package is not on it.

Which geographical areas do they serve?

Another important piece of information that you need to ask about is the different locations served by the courier. Some companies only serve the specific town or city they are in, others serve the entire state and others such as Bonds Transport Group Melbourne Couriers will deliver nationwide. Unless you plan to have your package delivered locally, then, you should absolutely enquire about the different areas served by the company just to make sure your delivery address is on it.

Parcel tracking

Last, but not least, ask your prospective courier company about parcel tracking. Parcel tracking technology allows you to keep tabs on your consignment from the moment you have it picked up to the moment it is delivered. Though not available with every courier company, this is an important tool to have if you are sending products to clients or if yours is an important item where you need notification immediately it gets to the recipient.