The distinct style that comes with the Peugeot 4008 is what makes it offer a pride to the owners as it has all the excellent features. On its exterior body, it has well designed headlights that can give perfect light even on the dusty and morning dew areas. It comes with a uniquely designed body which features a front grill that is very shiny, giving the car a spectacular appearance.

Being one of the trendiest cars, it comes with the pedestrian detection system and the Audio GPS which enhances a perfect driving experience on the streets at all times. All its structures and features are made from heavy duty materials that make it to be strong and last long without reducing in its efficiency.

Peugeot RCZ Coupe is no different

The versatility of the engine of the Peugeot RCZ Coupe makes the car to have a stunning road performance and offer unbeatable comfort to the users. Its torque is well distributed on the front and rear wheels automatically to offer a perfect stability and smooth motion at all times. Just like the Peugeot 4008, this car has three driving modes to make it thrilling in any environment and weather conditions. A push button start makes it possible for you to ignite the car even in the middle of the hill without any problem.

Interior Luxurious Features

The dashboard and driver’s seat are made independently, and with a spacious area where the driver can stretch legs without compromising on the driving. An ergonomic sun roof makes the Peugeot 2008 SUV well lit inside. In general, the inner space is very sufficient and this is supplemented by the adjustable seats which make the car more luxurious at all times. The car has superior tyres that are made with the highest quality rubber, thus making them to maintain pressure and avoid punctures at all times. Alloy rims that are well built make the car to move smoothly, saving fuel and promoting the stability of the car.

The manufacturer has not left out technology. It has the Bluetooth connectivity where phones can be directly connected to the car’s system to handle calls or listen to music. You no longer need to switch on the lights when it’s dawn; the headlights can detect darkness by themselves and ensure that they light automatically. The rain detecting wipers have also made the car easy to use the car at all times since they can detect rain and wipe automatically.

Peugeot 3008 SUV comes with a well-functioning engine that happens to have the best performance, which makes the car travel for long distances without overheating. For matters of safety, the car has six airbags, which inflate to protect passengers from severe injury when they inflate. Unlike other SUVs, you can open your doors by the press of a button. It has audio for bump alert, parking detection and obstacle detection sensor as well. A reverse parking camera is placed to ensure that going back comes with a lot of safety at all times. There are also foldable side mirrors that make the car park even in the narrow places without breaking the mirrors.

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