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Yostar Games officially announces its new pixel art mobile title Revived Witch will launch in English-speaking regions. With more than 200,000 sign-ups, Revived Witch will be available on both Andriod and iOS. The game features nostalgic gameplay experiences with dynamic pixel art graphics and a dual-energy bar combat system. It is time to set off for a fascinating expedition!

About Revived Witch

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG immersing players into a chrono-space where realities collide. Waking up in a dreamlike forest with memory loss, players step into the shoes of a witch and enter the Chrono Tower, a portal to parallel universes. As the expeditions deepen, the mysterious story behind the witch will be gradually unveiled. Player’s will shoulder the mission to bring the twisted fantasy back to order, but the journey has just begun.

About Gameplay

Evil monsters await players as they traverse diverse landscapes. The battles deliver a strong retro RPG feel but with a better battle pace. The core gameplay of Revived Witch involves the timely deployment of a 3-doll squad and aggregating the double energy bar strategically. Dolls come in six different classes to help players with different tasks and defeat enemies with distinctive strengths in combat.

With the real-time dual-energy bar introduced, players must mix and match tactics to generate greater effects. Order Energy will be accumulated over time, while Chaos Energy will unlock extra skills after discharging normal skills. Soul Marks can be acquired after using a Chaos Energy skill. When the marks are all lit up, the Energy Outbreak mode will be activated and players can cast different skills set that make combos and deal massive damage. The chance to reverse the course of the battle is always in the player’s hands.

Pre-registration and Launch Rewards

Revived Witch gathers more than 200,000 sign-ups before launch. A bunch of celebratory freebies is prepared for ALL players that log in to collect.  Pre-registration rewards include:

  • Mana x 150,000 and Stamina Elixir x 2
  • Soul Cryolite x 5
  • Large Soul Cryolite x 1(Ten-time Summons)
  • An SSR Healer Doll, Warped Hymn-Cynetia

On top of that, 7-day login rewards are also available. Players can further explore the wizarding world by obtaining supplies and loyal companions.

7-Day Login Rewards:

  • Stamina Elixir x 6
  • Soul Cryolite x 5
  • Large Soul Cryolite x 2 (Ten-time Summons x 2)
  • An SSR Compeller Fortune Teller, Arcana



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