A comprehensive note on wood shredders

One of the industrial machines which proves to be very handy in getting rid of the residual waste of the timber industry, such as off cuts or wood splinters, or of broken branches and twigs of trees, is the wood shredder. Wood shredders are basically large power tools, which are designed to reduce the size of various wooden products and by-products for easy disposal of these items. The output of the wood shredding units is then recycled to make a number of useful items like plywood sheets, briquettes, or even chips that are used widely in the heating industry.

It is not just the residual waste or branches of trees that can be shredded using the wood shredders. These heavy duty machines can be further used to shred a number of other things, which include, but are not limited to solid timber, particle boards, MDF boards, wooden pallets or the wood that is recovered from huge packing cases, tree barks, veneers, scrap woods and many more.

Operating principle of the machine

A wood shredder is simple to operate where the user does not have to do many things himself. The machines are usually characterized by a feeding chute and an opening at the rear end for the final output material to be ejected. The machine has semi-blunt blades inside the unit, which help in mashing, shredding and breaking the wooden materials, and make small sized wooden chips or dust.

As the wood shredders are operated by means of small engines and blunt blades, they are not a very good choice for shredding huge planks of branches of trees. If one has to use a wood shredder machine, these large sized pieces of wood will have to be reduced to a relatively smaller size, only after which they can be fed to the wood shredder unit.

Features to look for

There are many advanced shredders, which have many features that allow the user to choose the size of finished materials. With the help of this customization, the same wood shredding machine can be used for shredding wood for a number of applications.

Another important feature that should be there in a wood shredder is the capability to separate the metal pieces from the wood. Pallets or other blocks of wood at times contain metal elements like nails or screws which, if not removed, can create a lot of trouble when the finished products are recycled to make another useful product. Most sophisticated wood shredding units hence have the feature where the metallic pieces are removed from the final output material by means of magnetic strips.

Word of caution

While the designers and manufacturers of the wood shredding machines use only those designs in the making of these machines, which reduce the chances of any hazards to zero, yet it is wise to use certain protective gears while operating this heavy duty industrial machinery. Use of industrial goggles can help one elude the wooden splinters getting in contact with the eyes while the machine crushes and shreds wooden blocks into small pieces.